Using Trello to organize sewing projects 3/3: indexing patterns

March 7, 2016


A bit latter than I was aiming for, here is finally the third and last part of my Trello series! After talking about keeping track of the fabric stash and planning and setting deadlines for sewing projects, let’s get into how to use Trello to organize a sewing-pattern stash! Paper patterns, magazines, and pdfs all in the same place, and we’ll find out how to use labels, attachments and the search function 🙂

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Using Trello to organize sewing projects 2/3: planning and deadlines

January 23, 2016


Last post I explained how I use Trello to keep track of my fabric stash. So, I use it not only for fabric, but also to organize my sewing projects as a whole, from the idea to the blog post at the end. Today I’m telling you more about the features in Trello that help me with this process, including my personal favorites: card deadlines and the calendar view.

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Using Trello to organize sewing projects 1/3: keeping track of the fabric stash

January 9, 2016


This January, I’ve noticed a lot of people on the sewing blogosphere talking about trying to get better at organizing their fabric stash / pattern stash / sewing projects. I mentioned several times on Instagram that I have been using Trello to keep track of my fabric stash and plan my sewing, and I have had a few questions about it. I figured it might be good to write a short tutorial series, and hopefully that’ll be helpful if you want to start using this tool! Today I’ll explain how I’m using it to organize and monitor my fabric stash 🙂

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Raspberry Belladone

February 24, 2016


February is flying like crazy and I still haven’t found time to finish my Trello tutorial! I really hope I can do that soon… In the meantime I took out my camera tripod last weekend to snap a few pictures of the Belladone dress I made last Fall.

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Elvish Interlude

January 29, 2016

Arwen Costume

With all this talk about Trello, there’s been very few actual sewing projects around here… And as I said, I have a number of finished dresses that are waiting to be posted! This one is a bit unusual: costume? cosplay? It’s actually a dress that I made to attend a elvish themed wedding last year. I was afraid it would be overkill, but it turned out that everyone played along, and with my dress lacking on the embroidery side I was actually a bit under-dressed… And since occasions to wear a dress with a train are way too rare, I wore it again for Halloween, with pointy ears this time! 🙂

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