Hey look! I’ve made something!

Between packing and preparing for my defense, I managed to take some time to do a bit of sewing and make not one but two Plantain shirts, using the great (and free!) pattern released by Deer&Doe earlier this month.


I have to say, this is a quick make. I cut the fabric for both shirts on one evening, spent maybe an hour / an hour and a half on the first one, then another hour on the second one on the following morning. I took it slow because I had not sewn with stretch fabric in a long time, so I think the Plantain shirt can definitely be done in one hour.

I made two versions: the first one, in teal, is the short sleeves version without any changes to the pattern. In this color it is the perfect basic shirt for my wardrobe!


For the second one I made some changes: I lenghtened the sleeves, used a smaller allowance on the neckline band so it is a bit wider, and also added constrasting bands at the sleeves, with the same technique than for the neck band. The result has a totally different feel, more sportswear.


Actually the aim for these shirts was to get rid of some leftover fabric. The teal one is made from the leftovers from this shirt (as well as the contrasting parts from the purple one), and the purple one is made from the leftovers of my very first jersey shirt (wayyy more loose-fitting than the Plantain). I wish I had enough fabric to make a 3/4 sleeves version with elbowpads (aaaah I love elbowpads) but there was no way this would have fitted in my scraps of fabric. I had to settle for the short sleeves, and even cut the neck band in half for it to fit on the fabric.


I’m glad I could use the rest of this fabric as it is very soft and confortable. I think it is rayon, cotton+rayon maybe, as it is very drapey and also has a very peculiar behaviour when it is wet: it becomes super rigid and feels like cardboard. The problem with the fluidity of this fabric is that it is not very forgiving. I’m not so keen on the way the shirts cling to my breasts, but it’s the back that looks a bit strange: the following pictures makes it look like I have some kind of weird bump growing on my back, and I’m too scared to turn and check if it is really here…


So I’d really like to give it another try in a thicker fabric. As for the pattern however I have no complaints, I love the cut. I have to check how it looks tucked into a high waist skirt, but with jeans it is the perfect outfit for days when I don’t want to think too hard about what I want to wear. Also, for a free project (free pattern, leftover fabric and thread), those shirts will definitely get some wear!

Couple of Plantains
Plantain from Deer&Doe
Size 38
Rayon jersey from Marché St Pierre

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