What? You knitted a whole dress?!

Haha. Just kidding. I’m definitely cheating here, because this project is not my own but my grandmother’s! The day when I’ll be able to knit a dress in size 4 needles has not arrived yet, but my grandmother knits at the speed of light and thanks to her I now have years of pretty sweaters and dresses in my collection. I know, I’m so lucky 🙂

So I thought some of you might be interested in seeing some of *her* makes…

This dress is at least six years old, and is from a Phildar catalogue from 2004. I got obsessed with this model after seeing it here, and I begged my grandmother to knit it for me. When I think about the kilometers of stockinette stitch she had to endure, I feel bad! The yarn is Phildar Oxygene, a quality that seems to have stopped since and it’s too bad because it was really nice (I’ll never understand why Phildar always stops its best qualities…).


Also, today I learned a very important thing: taking pictures at noon when it’s very sunny is not easy and creates ugly shadows. I don’t like saying this, but I never had a problem in Paris with “too much sunshine”..! Well, since I’m not planning on wearing this dress again soon, this post will have to do with pictures of me grinning awkwardly…


Indeed, as I dislike wearing turtlenecks, short dresses, or body-conscious anything, I have to admit that this dress is not worn often. Maybe once a year, or twice exceptionnally. But even though it is far from my usual style and I don’t feel that confident about wearing it, I love it! It reminds my of a James Bond Girl outfit. The pattern states that it’s a “sixties” dress, but the turtleneck and the close-fitting silhouette look more seventies to me. Maybe this has to do with the so-called “A-line” looking quite different on me than it does on the model!


James Bond Girl Knitted Dress
Made by my grandmother!
Dress 3 from Phildar Fall 2004
Link to the pattern on Ravelry

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