At the beginning of the Summer, when I finally had some time to get back to sewing, I really wanted a simple and easy project. I had this fabric that I had planned to turn into a Deer&Doe Réglisse dress for a while, so I turned on my speakers, put West Side Story in the background, and a few days later, I had a new dress!

As usual, no surprises with Deer&Doe patterns: the fit is perfect on me and the instructions are crystal clear. The Réglisse is one of my favorites Deer&Doe dresses: I love the cap sleeves, the collar, and the bias cut bodice that looks good even though elasticated waists can look frumpy sometimes. The dress on the website has the sleeves in a contrasting fabric, and I saw some with a contrasting waistband too, but I think it looks even better with matching sleeves and waistband.


I made this dress in a cotton fabric with tiny dots on it (if you look very closely!), that I bought on Cousette over a year ago. I was surprised at the time because I expected the dots to be larger, but now I kindof like them. Once again, thanks to Sally and her Stasbusting project for giving me the boost I needed to finally tackle this project!


I had a big dilemma when cutting the collar. I had originally pictured the collar in contrasting white fabric, but at the last minute I had an existential crisis: wouldn’t it be too much? Wouldn’t it look a bit, say, “I am five years old and my parents dressed me as a tiny cute sailor for the photoshoot”? I had enough fabric to make the collar in red, but I was afraid that it would be too plain. I even asked Instagram, but there wasn’t a clear winner between red and white, so I ended up going with white after all.


In the end I’m pretty glad I did, because I love how it looks… even if I have to admit, it is indeed very costumey! I wouldn’t wear it to work, for instance. However the other day I wore it to bike to the Farmer’s Market and it was totally adequate 🙂


If I had to make another Réglisse (which will probably happen, as I really want to make a collarless winter version like Eléonore’s), I think I would lengthen the skirt by at least 10cm. I always think this with Deer&Doe patterns, but I only remember it after cutting the fabric: I think they always end up slightly too short, especially on me since I’m a bit tall (5’7” or so). I have the same issue with my Bleuet, my Sureau and my Belladone, I always feel a bit uncomfortable wearing them because of the length. For Réglisse, it’s worse because it’s a circle skirt, so it tends to fly up when it’s windy. Anyway, that won’t stop me from wearing it, especially considering that the skirts here in the US are waaay shorter than in France 😉


Retro Réglisse
Réglisse from Deer&Doe
Size 38
Polka dots cotton from Cousette