My week in France, with close to freezing temperatures when I visited my grandmother in the north, left me sick and dreaming of Fall sewing. But now that I’m back to the heat of North Carolina, forget the flannel, it’s time for linen skirts!


I might be a bit obsessed lately, it is yet another Deer&Doe pattern, the Chardon skirt. I made it at the beginning of the Summer, when I wanted to get back into sewing on a new machine, and I needed a pattern that would be easy and fun. I had made a Chardon skirt before, but I had not tried the two-toned version with the back bow, even though it was my favorite when the pattern was released, so I was eager to make it.


I bought the fabric on the French website Cousette over a year ago, it is linen in colorways Aqua and Bleu canard. It’s very pretty, but I wish it had a bit more structure. Still, it behaved very nicely.


I love this skirt, but I have to admit I did not wear it much since I made it. It is pretty, but not that comfortable. Unlike other people, the very high waist does not bother me at all, the problem is the bow in the back! At work, I’m always either at my computer or sitting down in meetings, so having this knot digging into my back all the time can be quite painful. So I only wear it on weekends… I’d like to make a really basic version in chambray, just like the one from Deer&Doe. Although, now that I look at these pictures, I really think I should wear this one more often…


Chardon Aqua
Chardon – Deer&Doe
Size 38
Linen from Cousette