It’s been a long time since I talked knitting here! Actually, I finished this project more than six months ago. Just when spring started, so I could not wear it once. So now that I can finally give it a try I am super excited!


It might not be obvious that this beret is inspired by the Little Red Riding Hood… If you are familiar with the tv series Once Upon a Time, and if you are a knitter, you are without a doubt acquainted with Mary-Margaret / Snow White and her many different lace knitted hats, each more charming than the last (see my dedicated Pinterest board). But the one I like the most is the one worn by Ruby, the badass diner-waitress version of the Little Red Riding Hood.


There are many patterns on Ravely to make this, I chose this one (it’s free) and I really liked it. Instead of red, I went with my usual dark teal; the yarn is actually a leftover from this cardigan (fr).


I was afraid the whole time I was knitting this because I thought it would be way too small for my head, but as it stretches a lot it fits perfectly: the hem band is snug and warm and comfy.


I love the hem as a matter of fact: the ribbing is folded in two then both rows of stitches are knitted together before knitted the lace portion so… no hand sewing at the end! Okay, I might have messed up on the folding part, it is all twisted… but since the angle is the same than for the lace part, I like to pretend that I did it on purpose.


The only thing I regret is that I did not make it quite tall enough: I started decreasing after 9 or so inches instead of 10, because I guess I was eager to finish, so it is not as slouchy as it could be. But anyway, it’s not a big deal, and I’m very happy with it because it is the first winter hat that I’ve ever had that does not make me look like a mushroom!


Once upon a Time Beret
“OUAT-Inpired Ruby Beret” by Leslie Dalton
Merinos Textiles de la Marque
Ravelry Link

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