I’m not one to hide my love for a good knit dress: classy yet comfortable, the ideal secret pajama! Especially in floral prints, these are always the dresses that get me the most compliments πŸ˜‰ My floral Moneta dress is starting to look a little worse for wear so it was time to come up with a successor!


I bought this lovely rayon jersey last year on I always fall for their “free shipping for orders over $49” trap: I go on the website to find fabrics I need for specific projects, and I always end up a few dollars short of the free shipping threshold, so I spend an hour or more browsing for cool prints for projects I don’t have the time to make. Every single time! Now my stash is out of control and is starting to take over my house… Anyway, that one time, I picked this rayon knit, because I fell in love with the foliage print which reminds me of 1970’s wallpapers (and that’s a compliment!).


With its graphic print and its soft drape, this fabric would have been ideal for a Diane Von Furstenberg style wrap-dress (check out the one made by Jasika Nicole!), but unfortunately I only realized this after cutting into it. Instead, I went for a basic Lady Skater. After the success of my first version, I really wanted to make another one in a more wearable fabric than velvet!


Compared to my first version, this one has a little more ease, probably because the fabric barely has any body. I made a size 3 like last time, but I probably could have gone down a size because as is the bodice is slightly too big and the shoulders tend to fall down a bit. I did add some clear elastic at the waist seam, which seems to help it hold its shape. I also lengthened the skirt by tracing the length of the biggest size (which added about 3 cm).


I love the result in this fabric, especially with the slightly longer skirt which creates an elegant, slender silhouette. The shape also reminds me of the seventies, so it worked out well in the end πŸ™‚

Seventies Dress
Lady Skater – Kitschy Coo
Size 3
Rayon spandex jersey from

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