Aaah Keflavik… The pretty name of this sweater unfortunately doesn’t come from the pattern or from the yarn, neither of which are Icelandic, but from where it’s been knitted. This is the project that was with me that time I ended up stranded in Keflavik aiport, trying to fly home from France, and I had to wait five long hours while the entire airport got evacuated and everybody had to go through security again. All of this because a plane landed at the wrong terminal… Typically the type of situations where I’m happy to have a knitting project with me!

I’ve had this yarn for a while and I didn’t really know what to do with it: an electric blue 75% wool 25% polyamide blend, bought a long time ago at a factory store in the French countryside. I had started this Phildar pattern but I wasn’t really into it, so I ended up frogging the whole thing thinking I might find another pattern that would speak to me more.

In the meantime, I discovered Isabell Kraemer, and after finishing my Il Grande Favorito I immediately wanted to knit another one of her patterns. The way the Il Grande Favorito sweater is constructed is a lot of fun, and I was curious to see how her other patterns were put together.

The pattern that was the closest match for my swatch with this yarn was this one, the On the beach sweater. And it’s a free pattern!

Just like with the Il Grande Favorito, knitting this sweater is a breeze, the instructions are crystal clear and the construction is smart. While Il Grande Favorito has raglan sleeves, this one has “set-in” sleeves knitted in the continuity of the body using the “contiguous” method: the result is amazing! I grew up knitting Phildar patterns in the flat, so I find it incredible to get such a flawless result with seamless patterns.

I love the association of the positive ease on the body with the slimmer sleeves, which seems to be the typical silhouette of this creator’s patterns. With wider sleeves, it could easily look shapeless, but here I think that the effect is casual and relaxed without being sloppy.

The only detail that bothers me is the wide neckline: the sweater tends to fall off my shoulders, and I struggle to find tees that work under it. The pattern gives the option to pick up the neckline stitches at the end and cast them off right away, which might tighten the neckline a little. I didn’t do it because I was lazy, but I might get to it eventually.

For the next sweater I’m going to knit, I’ll try to pick a pattern with a crew-neck instead. For now I’m thinking of making the Bedford (pattern by Michelle Wang for Brooklyn Tweed). I’m also looking for cardigan patterns that I could wear open over a dress or a tee and jeans. I’d need a pattern that:

* is long enough (I already have many short cardigans in the style of Andi Satterlund‘s patterns and I can’t wear them with everything)
* looks pretty when worn open (the Miette for instance looks weird open, I think due to the bust “darts” and the neckline shape)
* is knitted seamlessly if possible
* has a fun texture or lace stitch

I saw some pretty ones by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne but I’m thinking that the Pretty (me) would have the same issues as Miette when worn open, and the Cosy (me) reminds me of this Phildar cardigan I knitted years ago and I find this style to be pretty dated now, with the big buttons closing the cardigan only at the bottom… So if you have any patterns to recommend, I’m all ears! Don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments what your favorite cardigan pattern is 🙂

Keflavik Sweater
On the beach – Isabell Kraemer
Size M
75% wool 25% polyamide blend
Ravelry Link

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