About me

Attack of what?

Of the seam ripper!

The seam ripper is a devilish little object that is often used to unpick seams, but whose true purpose seems to be to cut the first unknowing finger or piece of fabric that dares to cross its way.

Also, I think it’s funny because for me “seam ripper” sounds like “grim reaper”, but it might only be because I’m French. People said it would be funnier if I explained the joke but I think they were just messing with me.

Anyway, that’s the name of this sewing and knitting (and even embroidery sometimes!) blog, where I share my many misfortunes on this long road paved with pins.

By the way, I’m Camille. I am 27 and in real life I am a research scientist working on really cool things such as games, virtual characters and interactive narratives. I’m from Paris but I live in North Carolina. Also, if you think you’ve seen my face somewhere, it might be because I was lucky enough to model for the wonderful Deer&Doe patterns for some time!

I hope you’ll enjoy reading this blog, and please leave me a message if you feel like it 🙂