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Back to the 90s

December 1, 2015


Aaah Moneta! It’s the third time I’ve sewn this pattern and it’s still as flattering and comfortable. Yet I fear that the more I make, the crazier my fabric choices get: the first one was in a solid color, the second one in classic florals on a black background, but this one is in a crazy bright yellow sunflower print on an electric blue background, 90s flashback style.

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I don’t know how I feel about knit skirts

February 5, 2015


With Colette patterns I seem to go from one extreme to the other. While my new floral Moneta dress is definitely a contender for the title of favorite dress ever, this Mabel skirt… yeah. I’m not feeling it. And it shows, given that I finished it back in November and I’m only posting pictures of it now. I didn’t event want to show it here, but I guess a blog is also made for less successful projects, right?

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January 29, 2015


After sewing my first Moneta dress, I really wanted to make another version with the longer sleeves. That’s when I happened to find this wonderful floral fabric at Hancock. Believe it or not, but my wardrobe is really lacking floral dresses. I only have one, and I didn’t even make it myself, I found it in a thrift store years ago. I have polka dots, plaid, strawberries, peacock feathers… but no florals. I was so sure that I was a twee, but with this terrible discovery I wasn’t sure of anything anymore. So I just had to make this dress!

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LBD (Little Blue Dress)

October 11, 2014


If I tell you that I have a new favorite dress every time I post, it might get annoying, right? Well, this one is the perfect staple dress for me: it’s made in a knit (super comfortable), it has a fitted bodice, short sleeves and a gathered skirt (my go-to silhouette, see for instance this dress (fr) or this one) and it’s electric blue (which has replaced black and navy as a neutral in my wardrobe, cf. this or this).

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