Aaah Moneta! It’s the third time I’ve sewn this pattern and it’s still as flattering and comfortable. Yet I fear that the more I make, the crazier my fabric choices get: the first one was in a solid color, the second one in classic florals on a black background, but this one is in a crazy bright yellow sunflower print on an electric blue background, 90s flashback style.


I found this fabric randomly one time where I was bored and I decided to browse every single fabric site I knew of to check out “what’s new” (Life Pro Tip: bad idea). I have no idea why I fell for this one but I became completely obsessed by its ultimate kitsch print and its colors that kind of remind me of traditional tablecloths from southern France…


For the pattern, I decided for the Moneta, as with such a wild print I needed a very simple silhouette. I made this dress back in April (wow it took me a while to post it!) in only one evening, as it is a very quick make. The following day, I put it on, opened Instagram, and realized instantly where my obsession for this fabric came from!


On the left, the At the Indie Disco dress by Dolly Clackett, on the right, mine. 

Copycat, much?

I love the dresses that Roisin from Dolly Clackett makes, the crazy prints always cheer me up, so I guess this one had left its mark on me somehow…


This fabric is thinner than on my previous version, so it tends to roll a bit more. It’s a little noticeable around the neckline at the end of the day, and at the hem of the sleeves as they tend to ride up. I think if I make another one using thin knit fabric I’ll try to do a slightly wider hem at the neckline.


Another issue with this fabric is that it started pilling a lot! Well, I did make this dress over six months ago, and I wore it a lot in the meantime. That’ll teach me to take pictures of my sewing projets as soon as they are finished!


As for the previous one, I used normal elastic instead of clear elastic to gather the skirt, and it worked just fine.


And again, the only thing I don’t quite like about this dress is the weird folds at the sleeves (around the upper arms and under the arms as well). I’m not sure how to fix that without being too restraining in terms of movement, but in the end it’s not a big deal.


This dress always gets me a bunch of compliments whenever I wear it, even if it is crazier than my previous one. I can tell you there will be more Moneta dresses in my future !


Mega Kitsch Moneta
Moneta – Colette Patterns
Size S
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