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Tourist Outfit

May 4, 2018

Are you getting some kind of déjà vu? Well that’s because it’s my second Mélilot shirt in a flamingo print, after this one. Clearly I have very specific tastes 😀

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Flamingos obsession

December 27, 2017

I mentioned in the previous post my love for Telio fabrics. Here’s my latest favorite: this wonderful navy rayon voile with flamingo silhouettes in white with coral accents. Deep colors, a soft and drapey hand, and my favorite americana symbol (I think it’s time for a “flamingos” tag on this blog!), what more could I ask for? 🙂

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The Boston Shirt

October 3, 2016


My recent adventures led me to leave North Carolina to move to Boston with my husband… well for the half of the year when I won’t be in France working on Deer&Doe’s many projects, that is! The consequences of that move were quickly noticeable: no more of this stifling carolinian heat, Boston is COLD. As soon as I arrived, I instantly felt the need for a warm, cosy, flannel shirt.

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Mélilot and the not-so-great fabric

June 16, 2016


Since I finished my rayon Mélilot, I have worn it a lot. It is super comfortable, and goes well with both high-waisted skirts and pants. I wanted to make another one, and I decided to try version B, the one with the cuffs and mandarin collar.

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Deer&Doe: the Mélilot shirt

March 9, 2016


The second pattern of the Deer&Doe spring-summer 2016 collection that I wanted to show you is the Mélilot shirt. Even though they are the same type of garment, Mélilot is very different from Deer&Doe’s previous shirt pattern, Bruyère (which I had made here, and also for the Deer&Doe blog here). It is both more casual – Bruyère has a structured waistband while Mélilot is loose and flowy – and more technical: a collar with collar stand, sleeve plackets, french seams everywhere, every detail is perfect.

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