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Tropikitsch Maxi Dress

July 7, 2019

I know I mentioned this already: I loooove wearing maxi skirts and dresses in the summer! I think they create a very tall and feminine silhouette, and they protect my legs from the sun whithout clinging to them. I wear my Fumeterre skirts a lot (seen here and here), but the one I’ve worn the most these last three summers is definitely this one: a McCall’s M7121 dress in tropical jersey knit!

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Elvish Interlude

January 29, 2016

Arwen Costume

With all this talk about Trello, there’s been very few actual sewing projects around here… And as I said, I have a number of finished dresses that are waiting to be posted! This one is a bit unusual: costume? cosplay? It’s actually a dress that I made to attend a elvish themed wedding last year. I was afraid it would be overkill, but it turned out that everyone played along, and with my dress lacking on the embroidery side I was actually a bit under-dressed… And since occasions to wear a dress with a train are way too rare, I wore it again for Halloween, with pointy ears this time! 🙂

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Under the Sea

September 18, 2014


Under the sea, under the sea…When the sardine begin the beguine it’s music to meee (it’s music to me!) What do they got? A lot of sand, we got a hot crustacean band! Each little clam here know how to jam here, under the sea…

After my first successful attempt at making swimwear (with the Bombshell swimsuit), I dived straight into my dream project: a two-piece swimsuit inspired by the outfit of Ariel, the Little Mermaid!

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