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Spring Myosotis

February 5, 2019

After my rant from last week, let’s calm ourselves down with an easy peasy blog post about yet another Deer&Doe project!

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Boxy Hoya

July 20, 2017

It’s almost T minus 1 month to the release of the next Deer&Doe collection and I still haven’t published all my test versions from the previous collection! I’d better get to it now…

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Deer&Doe: the Hoya blouse

April 4, 2017


After my Goji skirt, I need to show you my version of the Hoya blouse!

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Gingham fix

April 30, 2016



Back in March I traveled to New Orleans to attend a great wedding (I’ll show you the dress I wore soon) and I took the opportunity to visit one of my favorites stores in the whole world: Trashy Diva. They carry their own retro clothing line, with 40s and 50s influences, exactly what I like to wear. Actually when we entered the shop my husband said to me “Oh I see… Everything here looks like stuff you’ve made..!”. I guess my taste in clothing is consistent!

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La Mia Gingham

July 8, 2015


A few years ago I was really obsessed with gingham: I had shoes, swimsuits, rings, hair accessories, bags, dresses, everything in gingham. I even made it my avatar on Instagram, Pinterest and co. One of my very first blog posts here was actually about gingham. Yet it had been a few years since I had made something in this pattern, so when I started noticing that gingham was one of the trends for this summer I thought that it was time to get back to my tablecloth-flavored roots.

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