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Burda mon amour

February 24, 2015


When I started sewing, around ten years ago, I did not know about the sewing blogosphere and indie patterns didn’t really exist yet. Instead, my world was filled with Burdastyle magazines and their many cheap patterns with minimalistic instructions and no seam allowances. Oh, how many times I realized that I should have finished my seams when it was already too late… So, even though my bookshelf has since been filled with vintage Vogue and Butterick reprints on one side, and Deer&Doe, Colette and friends on the other side, I did manage to bring with me to the US two dozens of Burda magazines (let’s not mention the enormous box that I left at my parent’s place…). A few weeks ago, I was reminded of the amazingness of Burda in a not-so-amazing way, when the french-speaking sewing blogosphere burst into flames at the reveal of the latest plagiarism scandal: some of the patterns of the French brand Aime comme Marie were strangely identical to existing patterns, amongst which a Burda shirt from 2009 (see the story in pictures here). In the discussions that followed, some people started questioning indie brands as a whole: why should we pay so much money for indie patterns when we can have twenty patterns for half the price in a Burda magazine? Well, let’s take a rain check on the question for now, I want to show you my new Burda skirt…

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4th of July dress

July 24, 2014


This year, to celebrate the 4th of July (and the long weekend that goes along with it) I made a nautical/patriotic dress in blue, white and red, the colors of the french american flag.

Wait, what do you mean the 4th of July was already 3 weeks ago? Well, I guess I have a lot to catching up to do here!

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Dr. Camille

March 5, 2014


Let’s get serious for a moment! Because this is a project that is from my perspective as important as a wedding dress: I made a dress for my PhD thesis defense!

…which by the way went really well, thank you, you can call me doctor now 😀
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Yet another knitted dress!

February 23, 2014


Let me introduce you to a third dress knitted by my grandmother, this time with moss stitch and cables.

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