Yet another knitted dress!

February 23, 2014


Let me introduce you to a third dress knitted by my grandmother, this time with moss stitch and cables.


Did you know that Burda also made knitting patterns? Yes they do! This dress is from the Burda Easy Sewing special edition from Winter 2008, although I have to admit I have no idea how Burda magazines work in other countries. Anyway, I had a huge crush on this dress when the magazine came out, and now when I look back I’m quite suprised because the dress on the picture is not as flattering as I remembered:


Don’t get me wrong, it looks good. But, at my humble opinion, it looks a thousand times better in real life!

What’s great with this dress is that it is very loose, and so very comfy. It’s my go-to dress when it is cold and I feel too lazy to dress up (which happens way too often).


One could expect it to be shapeless, but it’s not! The pattern features box pleats on the front and back, that are formed by sewing two sets of cables together, and I find the result to be surprisingly flattering.


I don’t remember anything about the yarn except that it’s from the store near where my grandmother lives, all I know is that it is very heavy.

Here, have another picture of the cables:


This is the last post of this series of knitting by proxy, so this blog should return to sewing matters very soon, as I’ve just finished a dress for a very important occasion tomorrow and I can’t wait to show it!

Moss stitch dress
Dress 15 of Burda Easy Sewing Winter 2008
Knitted by my grandmother!


  1. Cat

    - October 15, 2014

    WOW…. Your grandmother kicks-derriere. Total knitting-envy.

    • Camille

      - November 14, 2014

      Hahaha, yes she does! I won’t repeat this to her though, I doubt she would think of it as a compliment ^^

  2. Angela

    - February 27, 2018

    Hi Camille!
    I would love to find the model for this dress. How can I get it? Could you send it to me? Thanks!!

    • Camille

      - March 3, 2018

      Hi Angela! One of my readers found the pattern online (link here) but unfortunately it’s only in French. I have no idea if this issue was ever published in English, so hopefully this will work for you.

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