February 13, 2014


I wish I hadn’t said anything! Last week I was complaining about the sun preventing me to take pictures, and there I am, stuck here because of the snow!

Let’s take this opportunity to show you another warm, cosy knitted dress made by my grandmother.


This one is definitely my favorite. The pattern is from a Phildar mini-book from 2007 with six dress patterns which are all really good (they are not all on Ravelry, they can be seen for example here). It’s made in Frimas (which means cold weather in French!), in the color Mûre, a.k.a. blackberry, yum. The Frimas quality was one of my favorites, it’s very soft and has kind of a tweed aspect. Guess what… Phildar stopped it too. Not only they stopped it, though, they also released another yarn named Frimas, but which is totally different! Phildar, seriously…


Sorry, I can’t find a photo of the back where it’s not covered in snow!


Anyway, even though I can’t understand Phildar’s strategy when it comes to yarn qualities, I have to admit that their patterns are great. This one has ribbing on the arms and under the chest which makes for a very flattering silhouette, and a scoop neckline with a foldover collar that looks great too. I love this dress, I really hope it will last long!


Robe Frimas
Made by my grandmother!
Dress 5 of the Phildar dresses mini-book 2007
Link to the pattern on Ravelry


  1. Sally

    - February 14, 2014

    That ribbing makes this dress! So beautiful, and fun in the snow 🙂

    • Camille

      - February 17, 2014

      Thanks Sally! I love the ribbing too!

  2. Fran

    - February 14, 2014

    I’ve recently discovered your blog and have been enjoying looking through some of your more recent projects…in both languages!
    What a gorgeous knitted dress – I wish my grandmère suisse was still with us as I’m sure she’d love to make one of these (for me…and for herself!) 🙂

    • Camille

      - February 17, 2014

      Thanks/Merci Fran! I also enjoy reading other blogs in different languages, just to see if they say the same thing. I noticed that the more I progress in English, and the less I tend to translate my posts litterally, word by word. Some things that make perfect sense in French now sound really awkward in English. I might try your way and write in English first and then translate back in my mother tongue, that seems interesting!

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