Apparently I’m really obsessed with navy and red! After sewing my Belladone dress, I turned my nautical/patriotic calling towards knitting, with this vertically striped snood.


So this is not really colorwork but brioche stitch, a very simple stitch that creates a cool pattern of vertical stripes when alternating rows of different colors.

The wrong side also features stripes, but slightly different ones:


I think I was trying to impersonate the Hulk on this picture but I’m not sure anymore…

Not a lot more to say about this snood, except maybe that I lived what has to be the worst nightmare of a lot of knitters: I ran out of yarn about 2/3rd of the way when binding off… Except that with 160 stitches per row, no way I was going to unknit 4 or 5 of those. So I found a yarn of approximately the same weight and approximately the same color, and just pretended it didn’t happen. Nobody notices these things anyway, right?


For technical details, this snood has been knitted with Lang Yarns’ Omega+. It’s a nylon/acrylic mix but the colors are really rich and shiny so who cares if it’s not some fancy expensive yarn, I like it anyway.


Striped snood
Brioche Stitch
Omega+ from Lang Yarns, 2 skeins of each color
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