Here is is, the new spring-summer 2016 collection from Deer&Doe! This collection is very special to me because it is the first since I started working with Eléonore 🙂 Even though she is the one who does all the pattern design, I was closely involved with the creation process and I am pretty overwhelmed by what a warm welcome the patterns have been getting! Anyways, I love these patterns, so much that I managed to snatch a little free time in between sewing prototypes for the photoshoot and working on the new website to make my own versions! Today I’m showing you Zéphyr, the sleeveless knit skater dress 🙂


As I was saying, I was closely involved in the creation of these patterns, so it is hard for me to maintain the objective and critical tone that I’d like this blog to have. Not because I am blinded by fangirlism or because I’m trying to make a sale, but because all the issues I had with the patterns have either been fixed during the testing process, or Eleonore has since convinced me that I was the one in the wrong 😉


Of course there is still the matter of taste and personal style, but with Zéphyr I’m right in my element. First because I love knit dresses: as established by my obsession with the Moneta, I think they are the perfect garment to wear everyday. Second, because while Zéphyr can seem simple at first, I think its drafting is spot on: the princess seams at the front and back bodice are extremely flattering to the bust and waist. I am also a big fan of the skirt, which has enough flare to create nice folds but is not as cumbersome as a full circle skirt.


This white version is made from variation A, which has a slight “sportswear” feel with its crew neck. I was a bit afraid of the height of the neckline at first, as I don’t like feeling strangled by my clothes, but it is just right: it stops right below the collarbone, which makes it not constraining but still high enough to be stylish.


I had been daydreaming about a white dress for a while (maybe because I got married in navy?) to wear with black thighs and accessories, and this dress was just what I wanted. I wore it with black leggings, high-heeled ankle boots and bright red lipstick for new years and got a ton of compliments, so I consider it a massive success 😀 The fabric, a textured poly-spandex knit, comes from Hancock Fabrics. It is pretty good for this pattern, even though I wish it was slightly thicker and had a little bit better recovery.


Note that I took a few shortcuts with this dress: as I wanted to finish it really quickly to wear it the same evening, I skipped the top-stitching of the princess seams and neckline, which makes the seams a bit puffier than they should be. The dress is even better top-stitched in the right places, but I don’t think I’ll fix this one: I’d rather sew a whole new one! That said, even without skipping steps it is a very quick project: I made another one last Sunday and it only took me an afternoon.


I think Zéphyr might be my favorite out of the three new patterns! I can see it made in so many different ways, with both necklines and also as a skirt… For now I made versions A and B, and I’ll show you the second one very soon 😉


White Zéphyr
Zéphyr Dress – Deer&Doe
Size 38 / 36,5 / 40,5
Lengthened by 1cm at the bust and 1cm at the skirt
Textured knit from Hancock Fabrics

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