The new Deer&Doe collection is out! It contains three patterns: the Givre dress/tee/tank top, the Azara midi skirt, and the Bleuet dress which is back in a brand new edition. After sewing a million muslins and prototypes all summer, I actually don’t have many personal versions of these patterns to show you here, but I still wanted to post about my favorite Givre dress!

Once again with Eléonore’s patterns, I started very skeptical (“A bodycon dress? On me?? Are you crazy, with my waist-to-hip ratio there’s no way I can wear that!”) and ended up totally convinced. I already went through this process with the Hoya blouse: going outside of your comfort zone when it comes to silhouettes is not easy, but when it works it’s worth it!

In this case I think the Givre dress is so very flattering on my body shape. Since the pattern is drafted for hourglass figures, I don’t have any fit issues, like excess fabric in the back or drag lines on the hips, like I usually would have with this type of garment.

Another aspect I appreciate is the knee length, which I think prevents the dress from going too vulgar. Paired with the modest neckline from version A, I feel super comfortable wearing this dress in my day-to-day life. The sleeveless version B is a little more sexy (even though it depends from the fabric choice); I’m currently making one out of a black jersey knit, it will be perfect for date nights 🙂

This one is made from a ribbed rayon jersey I found at Toto tissus. They had plenty of colorways this summer, including different colors of stripes, but I don’t know if they still have it in stock now. It’s a very lightweight fabric and I was afraid I would be too self-conscious in the dress version, but the good thing about stripes is that they hide all kinds of bumps and lumps, so in the end I feel great in it.

One last precision: the version included in the pattern has 3/4 sleeves with contrasting parts that echo the yoke on the bodice. In order to get a short-sleeve version, I had to make a small modification to the pattern – the tutorial will be published soon on the Deer&Doe blog 😉

Striped Givre
Givre – Deer&Doe
Size 38 – 36 1/2 – 40 1/2
Ribbed rayon jersey from Toto tissus

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