The release of the Deer&Doe spring-summer 2018 collection is still a few days away, so I’m using this time to go through my backlog. Let me show you my favorite of the moment: this floral Givre dress.

In case you’re not familiar with it, Givre is one of the patterns from the previous collection (still Deer&Doe), with four variations: a sleeveless bodycon dress, another dress with a yoke and 3/4 sleeves, a t-shirt with the same yoke, and a fitted tank top. This dress is not my first version of Givre (there was this striped one, a black one that I still need to take pictures of, plus the ones I snatched after the photoshoot) but it’s by far my favorite!

As I was saying when I was showing my previous version: up until the release of Givre, I never even tried a bodycon dress like this one, as I was so sure that I would feel super self-conscious wearing this kind of silhouette. Yet now I wear my Givres all the time..! I think now that I’m in my thirties I feel much more comfortable in my body and I worry less about other people’s judgment, especially now that I started running regularly again (if teenage me could hear that!!).

I feel especially comfortable in this one because, unlike my striped version that was in rayon knit or the ones I made out of cotton jersey, the fabric I used here has great recovery. This means it smooths the silhouette instead of showing every little lump and bump, and also pools less in the lower back despite my pronounced swayback.

This magical fabric is a double brushed poly knit. It has great stretch and recovery, and is insanely soft. Picture flannel but as a knit, or maybe more like this old t-shirt that you’ve worn so much that it’s falling apart and has become super soft, except here the fabric is new. It’s easy to cut, even easier to sew, and doesn’t roll on itself like the cotton jerseys I’m used to. Honestly, now that I’ve tried this fabric that’s the only thing I want to sew! I know not everybody is a big fan of polyester, but I have to say I was very surprised by the quality of this one, far from being flimsy or cheap, and for a sleeveless dress I don’t mind that it’s not as breathable as cotton.

This specific fabric is unfortunately sold out on Harts Fabric website in this color, but there are still a few including the same one in another colorway. There is also a great selection of floral double brushed knits on and Girl Charlee that I really want to buy:

Girl Charlee on top (1, 2, 3), Harts Fabric (4), and (1, 2, 3, 4). I need all of them!

Floral Givre
Givre – Deer&Doe
Size 38 – 36 1/2 – 40 1/2
Double brushed poly knit from Harts Fabric (similar)

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