You probably have seen it on social media last week: the new Deer&Doe collection is out! The three new patterns are the Myosotis dress, the Narcisse pants, and the Nénuphar jacket. Today I’m showing you my first version of the Myosotis dress 🙂

Myosotis is a shirtdress with an oversized fit, designed to comfortable to wear when it’s hot outside. We had been working on this idea for a few seasons: a dress that has enough ease to be nice to wear in the summer, but refined enough to not look like a potato sack, and I feel like with Myosotis we have hit the jackpot!

The silhouette of Myosotis comes from its bust darts and front and back waist darts, which cinch the waist slightly to avoid the “block” look. In a way, this dress reminds me of Centaurée, which is my favorite Deer&Doe pattern and which I love wearing in the summer when it’s hot, because it’s not too tight at the waist.

But I think my favorite feature of this pattern is the buttoned V-shaped neckline, which doesn’t button all the way up to the neck. I think this makes the dress look more feminine and lightens up the overall shape, plus it reminds me of all the blouses that Petra wears in season 1 of Jane the Virgin (e.g. 1 2 3)… Yeah, I’m proud of my stupid telenovella references! 😉

For this first version, I wanted to use solid fabric to make a basic dress that I could wear every day. I got lucky and found this amazing chambray at the local discount fabric store: not only it’s soft and has a great drape, it’s also exactly the same color as my eyes, which makes them pop – I love it. Given the shine and drape of this fabric I almost thought it had to contain some rayon despite its 100% cotton label, but after taking a closer look I realizes the shine comes from a sateen weave.

In this version without the ruffles, I find Myosotis surprisingly quick to sew. I guess after dozens of muslins I could set in the sleeves and collar with my eyes closed, but still, there are already so many Myosotis dresses on Instagram just 4 days after the release that it can’t be such a lengthy project!

I’ve been wearing this dress non-stop since I finished it, it’s perfect for those days when I want a comfortable, no-brainer outfit that is still pretty. I have several other versions lining up, including one with the ruffles, so stay tuned 🙂

Chambray Myosotis
Myosotis – Deer&Doe
Size 38
Lengthened by 1 cm at the bust and 2 cm at the hem
Chambray cotton sateen – Sewfisticated Discount Fabrics, Somerville MA

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